Statement Regarding the 10th Annual Conference (2020/06/17)

Sponsored by

Programme Committee 2020

Chairs: Raymond Duch, Mary Stegmaier

Track Chairs:
Political Methodology – Florian Foos (London School of Economics – LSE)
Political Communications – Rachel Gibson (University of Manchester)
Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behaviour – Andreas Murr (Warwick University)
Comparative Politics – Stefanie Reher (University of Strathclyde)
Legislative Studies and Party Politics – Debra Leiter (University of Missouri Kansas City)
Political Economy, Public Policy and Administration – Alexandra Cirone (Cornell University)
EU Politics – Tim Haughton (University of Birmingham)
International Relations and Conflict – Kelly Kadera (University of Iowa), Dan Morey (University of Kentucky)

Conference Manager: Mel Sawers

Exhibitions Manager: Kirsten Schmidt

The EPSA Conference Code of Conduct