12th Annual Conference

Programme Committee 2022

Chairs: Raymond Duch, Mary Stegmaier

Track Chairs:

  • Political Communication – Denise Laroze (University of Santiago Chile – USACH)
  • Behaviour and Opinion – Filip Kostelka (University of Essex) and Kamil Marcinkiewicz (University of Hamburg)
  • Parties and Representation – Hanna Bäck (Lund University)
  • Political Methodology – Michelle Torres (Rice University)
  • IR/Conflict – Bernd Beber (RWI, Berlin) and Alexandra Scacco (WZB, Berlin)
  • Political Institutions – Mathias Poertner (London School of Economics)
  • Political Economy – Nelson Ruiz (University of Oxford)
  • Formal Models – Scott Tyson (University of Rochester)
  • Public Policy Administration – Christine Lipsmeyer (Texas A&M)
  • Gender Politics and Diversity – Vera Troeger (University of Hamburg)
  • Comparative Politics – Petra Gausti (Charles University Prague)
  • Legislative Studies – Thomas Däubler (University College Dublin)
  • European Politics – Tom O’Grady (University College London)

Conference Manager: Mel Sawers