Terms and Conditions

European Political Science Association: Terms and Conditions

1. Classes of membership.
a. Annual membership. Annual membership confers upon an individual all of the privileges of membership for a period of one year from the time of the payment or renewal payment of the membership fee.
b. Lifetime membership. Lifetime membership confers upon an individual all of the privileges of membership for the natural lifetime of the individual.
c. Student membership. Student membership may be purchased by those who are currently active undergraduate or postgraduate (MA/MSc or PhD level) students. If an individual who is a student has ceased to be an active student upon renewal of membership, he or she must purchase an annual or lifetime membership.
d. Transferability. No classes of membership are transferable between individuals.
e.Automatic renewal. Annual memberships may be set up for automatic renewal at the time of first payment, when this option is made clear to the member at time of payment.

2. Registration deadlines for the annual conference.
a. Early conference registration. Early conference registration is available at a reduced rate prior to the early registration deadline, set annually by the programme committee and available on the website. All participants who are listed in the conference programme must register by the early deadline or risk being dropped from the programme.
b. Late conference registration. Registration after the early conference registration deadline has passed is available at any time prior to the close of the annual conference.
c. On-site registration. Registration for the annual conference is available throughout the duration of the conference, but may entail an additional on-site processing fee.

3. On-line registration and membership purchase and renewal.
a. Except for memberships purchased on-site at the annual conference, all membership and conference registration fees must be paid either by:
Using the online payment system available from the association website, using such means as are clearly described on that website by the association (credit card, PayPal, etc.).
b. By bank transfer, using the instructions provided. If paying by bank transfer, the sender must pay all sender fees associated with the bank transfer, or face delays in the activation of the membership or conference registration until the unpaid balance has been paid.

4. Association email lists.
a. Member mailing list. Members agree to be active subscribers to the EPSA member emailing list ( epsa-member-list@epsanet.org ), which will only be used for official communications to members, such as council elections or changes to these terms and conditions. Members must request permission from the current association officers before posting to this list.
b. EPSA information list. Members and non-members alike have the option of posting announcements to the EPSA information list at epsa-info-list@epsanet.org , provided these postings pertain to the association’s objectives and charter. These topics include notices about forthcoming jobs, conferences, or funding opportunities.
c. All association email lists are moderated. The list moderator(s) will be appointed by the council and have discretion over which messages are approved. Abuse of the lists by an individual may result in that individual being blacklisted from further list postings and/or unsubscribed from the list.

5. Use of the member data for association and third-party purposes.
a. Journal subscriptions. Current members who wish to receive the association journal in print and/or electronic access agree to allow the association to pass on their mailing information to Cambridge University Press.
b. Conference exhibitors and sponsors. Members who register for the annual conference may have their email addresses passed on to exhibitors and sponsors. Registrants for the annual conference who prefer this information not to be passed on to exhibitors and sponsors will have the choice of opting out at the time of registration.
c. Other third parties. The association will not pass on member data to any third parties not listed above, without first obtaining member consent.

6. Cancellations and refunds.
Membership dues. Membership dues are non-refundable.
Conference registration fees. A conference registration fees may be refunded to the individual who paid the membership following a written request within two weeks of the payment of the fee. After this two week window, no refunds are possible, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

7. Schedule of current fees and rates.
The fees and rates are set annually by the EPSA Executive Council, following presentation to the Council meeting at the business meeting of the annual conference. Current membership fees and annual conference registration fees are posted on the association website at https://epsanet.org/registration.html.

8. Changes to terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions are subject to change, following written notification to current members and following the publication of the new terms and conditions on the association website.