General Information about the 2024 Conference

The Call for Papers for EPSA, July 4-6 2024, Cologne is now open!

Proposal Submission Deadline: December 15, 2023

The 14th annual conference of the European Political Science Association will take place from July 4-6 in Cologne, Germany, Mediapark (Komed). Conference presentations are organized by topic into 12 sections. As always, we expect that tenured participants contribute to the success of the conference by serving as chairs or discussants.

We invite paper submissions that represent the state of the art in political science and that focus on any substantive area of politics.

Please note that you will need to reset your account password, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If your proposal does not fit to any of the themes, please select “other” in the dropdown menu.

If you wish to submit a pre-organized panel, make sure that all proposals are submitted to the same “theme” and add a panel abbreviation to the paper title. Note that we evaluate paper proposals without attention to whether the are part of a pre-organized panel.

EPSA 2024 is organized in 12 sections:

  • S1: Comparative PoliticsSimone Wegmann, University of Kiel
  • S2: Conflict and SecuritySebastian Ziaja, GESIS, Cologne
  • S3: European PoliticsPaul Matthew Loveless, Bologna 
  • S4: Formal Political TheoryNikitas Konstantinidis, IE University
  • S5: International RelationsMarianne Dahl, PRIO
  • S6: Party PoliticsJae-Jae Spoon, University of Pittsburgh
  • S7: Political BehaviorDaniel Bischof, Aarhus University
  • S8: Political EconomyAmy Pond, Washington University in St. Louis
  • S9: Political RepresentationOliver Proksch, University of Cologne and Simon W. Weschle, Syracuse University
  • S10: Public Opinion and Political CommunicationDenise Traber, University of Basle
  • S11: Public Policy and AdministrationThomas Plümper, Vienna University of Economics
  • S12: Political MethodologyVera Troeger, University of Hamburg and Theresa Gessler, Europa University Viadrina
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EPSA employs a policy of non-discrimination and therefore does not have panels for graduate students only.   In the spirit of this equal participation policy, however, all attendees face the same registration fees, although registration will be discounted for EPSA members.

We will keep fees constant at 275 € for members and 400 € for non-members for the 2024 conference.

The program committee co-chairs for EPSA 2024 are Thomas Plümper (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration), Vera Troeger (University of Hamburg), Sven-Oliver Proksch, (University of Cologne), and Sebastian Ziaja (GESIS, Cologne).

Members of the selection committee are:

  • Comparative Politics – Simone Wegmann
  • Conflict and Security – Sebastian Ziaja
  • European Politics – Paul Matthew Loveless
  • Formal Political Theory – Nikitas Konstantinidis
  • International Relations – Marianne Dahl
  • Party Politics – Jae-Jae Spoon
  • Political Behavior  – Daniel Bischof
  • Political Economy – Amy Pond
  • Political Representation – Sven-Oliver Proksch
  • Political Representation – Simon W. Weschle
  • Public Opinion and Political Communication – Denise Traber
  • Public Policy and Administration – Thomas Plümper
  • Political Methodology – Vera Troeger
  • Political Methodology – Theresa Gessler

The city

Located on the river Rhine, Cologne is the cultural capital of Germany. A city enriched with more than 2,000 years of history, where construction companies are reluctant to dig into the ground, simply because they are likely to find Roman reminiscences, most of which can now be seen in the Romano-Germanic Museum. True, the city is best known for its cathedral, but the hidden gems are the Romanic churches. For others, it is the microbreweries and the Bräuhäuser that makes the city worth a visit. Cologne also hosts a large open-minded, artsy scene. It is a very lively city, with numerous distinct must-see ‘veedel’, including the Agnesviertel and the Belgische Viertel, both in walking distance from the conference venue.


The conference will take place at the Komed Conference Center in the MediaPark, Cologne. Additional seminar rooms are available in the  Startplatz and the Fotoschule Köln, both located in the MediaPark.


Early reservation of hotel rooms is recommended.

Hotels in close proximity to the venue

A little further away…

For those that fancy a view (and are willing to pay the price for it): Hyatt Regency Köln